“The earth has music for those who listen.”




The ICADA Natural Seal guarantees that only ingredients which meet the strict requirements of the ICADA guideline are used to manufacture our products. Our products are handcrafted in Germany and contain only high quality, natural raw materials, which come as far as possible from certified, ecological source material.

ICADA is the European service and lobby association for small and medium-sized enterprises. Accordingly, the distribution of the natural cosmetic seal is limited to a manageable number of companies / products and can only be found in specialized shops.

ICADA Natural

  • Premium label with strict requirements
  • for authentic organic and natural cosmetics companies
  • no labelling of low-cost products and discounter brands
  • strong trust through double control System
  • Organic- and natural cosmetics with social and environmental commitment
  • Prerequisite is nature orientation in the company culture and product philosophy
  • No quality dilution by nature trend freeloaders

Further information can be found under:
ICADA Philosophy